Healite® The First Life Stone
Healite® The First Life StoneTM is a piece of the Earth from The Cradle of Life in South Africa. This ancient land was the home of the First Life on this planet, a bacteria, and is called the Cradle of Life by the scientific community. The 'cradle' is situated between Pretoria and Barberton in South Africa, and is near "the Cradle of Mankind" where the most ancient human remains have been found  (read more about this on our page The First Life Stone).

Healite clears physical pain, at least in degrees, and is best used by placing it against the skin, directly on the body, for it is believed to absorb pain. Healite must be cleared of the energy it has absorbed by any of several methods: contact with Selenite, smudging with Sage smoke, rinsing in running water, or laying atop the soil of a potted plant.

People often ask "Will it work if I just carry it in my pocket?" Yes, it will, and we have had testimonials confirming it.... but we still encourage it to be taped onto the body at the source of pain or held on by some other means that will keep it there for 12-24 hours; it should be cleansed after a period of use this long.

Healite is used today by the metaphysical community, by holistic healers, for its powerful energy. This type of healing is variously called:

    Crystal Healing

    Holistic Healing

    Energy Work

    Pranic Healing

    Metaphysical Healing

If you are unfamiliar with this type of healing, or energy work, it can be explained like this:

We humans are members of what is called the Animal Kingdom. We use members of the lower kingdoms, the Plant Kingdom and the Mineral Kingdom, to support our physical and mental health. We eat and drink plants for their energy, through foods and teas. In a similar way, holistic healers use Crystals, Stones, and Minerals for their energy. In centuries past, physicians prescribed the eating and drinking of many crystals, stones, and minerals. That old practice has been replaced by modern 'dietary supplements' and 'vitamins' (pills) which contain many of these minerals. But not every ancient physician recommended ingesting these members of the mineral kingdom. Some prescribed the use of their energy by simply holding them or placing them on or near the body, to absorb the energy through the 'ether of space' between us and them, and this clever old healing art is today a widespread practice and gaining popularity, through success stories, which are testimonials of those who have experienced the healing benefits of these methods.

There is simply nothing like a piece of Healite. Disbelievers in the metaphysical properties of stones are made believers by their personal experiences with Healite®, time and time again. We tell you what we hear and what we experience ourselves in our close group of healers, without embellishment, for there's no lack of praise for this stone! We use it ourselves regularly, and this plays a big part in why we recommend it!

Healite is a rock, and by the geological definition of "rock", is composed of many minerals. These seem to be mixed together, as if blended in a blender and then hardened. It may be this unique mixture that gives Healite its remarkable energy, and it may be the ancient fossilized life, or both. It may be something we can't explain scientifically, for it may be the antiquity of the place and the history of the first life that unfolded there that lends energy to the rock.

The petrology of Healite!

This piece of Healite
was sent to a laboratory
for a definitive analysis.

The petrological analysis
done in 2014 showed us that the
Healite sample submitted for analysis
was composed primarliy of the following

Lizardite Serpentine
Phlogopite Mica

plus minor amounts of:
and Troilite.

Troilite is the gold metallic spot in the photo above. This is a picture of the actual stone sent for analysis. Troilite is a rare iron sulphide mineral found in meteorites. This new evidence lends strongly toward a theory for an extra-terrestrial origin of the First Life on Earth, the ancient bacteria now fossilized in Healite stones. The Human Genome Project estimates 40 of our human genes to be of bacterial origin! The fossil bacteria in Healite may be our ancient ancestor, and it may be this ancient primordial life force still lingering in its skeletal remains... that is the source of the stone's amazing energy!

The ancient life forms fossilized in Healite appear to be 'Coccoidal Bacteria' under 75x and greater magnification, and are estimated to be between 2.5 and 3.5 billion years old, around the time the First Life appeared on the planet, simple bacterias.

We often receive inquiries from people wanting to know Healite’s history, how it was discovered. Here's the story:

Healite's quality of clearing physical pain was discovered by Donna Blohowiak and her daughter Connie Demler.

Donna is the owner and founder of Secret Garden Gifts and Secret Garden Healing Center in Jackson, Wisconsin, USA. Donna is responsible for bringing Usui Reiki to many in the area. In her store offering metaphysical tools, so many customers find respite in high-spirited joy, unconditional love, and spiritual counseling that she and her family share with them. Secret Garden is a veritable temple of high vibration, and it is not uncommon to hear her regular customers openly proclaiming it in the shop, amid a steady bustle of newbies having come to discover it for their first time. Secret Garden is tucked away in a quiet locale, a bit off the main street and down winding roads. Those who find the Secret Garden always return, for it is a truly magical place that stays in your heart and mind and calls you back. Secret Garden is a family owned and oriented business operated by Donna and her immediate and extended family, who value both tradition and innovation. Find their webite from the link Healite at Secret Garden. Secret Garden offers metaphysical products, Reiki training and treatments, hosts an annual Spirit Fair, and is the Home of Healite! All Healite is made with love for you by Donna's family.

Connie first used Healite to clear neck pain resulting from a car accident and subsequent surgery, because Donna recommended it to her, having felt the energy of the stone and shared it with her daughter. Together, they discovered Healite's amazing energy for the first time - it’s ability to Clear Pain - and have since become dedicated to sharing this amazing new metaphysical tool with the world. Connie has made a small Healite museum at Secret Garden, of some of the more unusual pieces that have been found, for posterity and for all to enjoy... so if you can make the trip to The Secret Garden, come to see these rare specimens! You can see some of these on our pictures page.

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Healite is a healing stone
for metaphysical use.


Healite is from
the Cradle of Life
in South Africa.

Healite touchstones
& products are crafted by Usui Reiki Masters
in Wisconsin, USA.

Healite is brought to you by
Secret Garden Gifts & our partner retailers and metaphysical healers.

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