Healite properties
Healite is a crystal for metaphysical healing that clears pain. It helps muscles relax and works toward eliminating physical weakness and muscle spasms. It provides assistance to any area of your physical, emotional, or mental body. It helps the body rebuild muscle and bone, stops energy leaks, removes energy blocks, and it balances, aligns, and amplifies your energy, directing it to the areas that need help. It deletes old programming, helping the body recall its state of perfection, and during this process, it helps you find your own inner strength and see that you are stronger than anything that opposes you. Healite helps your Kundalini rise and brings in energy from the Four Directions and Mother Earth & Father Sky, filling your Heart Chakra with the power to heal.
The properties above are a summary of the healing properties of the 5 different crystals that Healite's naturally made of. Want to know more? Read on below for the full descriptions of their properties. Healite's composed of Calcite, Dolomite, Diopside, Serpentine, Phlogopite Mica, and Fossils. Together with Fossil properties, the 5 crystals come together in Healite to work toward a unified goal of clearing pain, but they also bring with them some extra benefits... as crystals like to do!
Diopside helps you see that you are stronger than anything that opposes you, helps you understand your own duality, helps you be proud, humble, & respectful of superior intelligence, stimulates your intellect, helpful in math, analysis, science, & art, helps with issues of physical weakness, psychological disorders, & muscle spasms (from Love Is In The Earth by Melody). Aligns all your chakras, sends the Green Ray of healing through your whole body, provides an empowering energy & a relaxing energy, connects us with the Earth heart to heart, opens the Heart, Root, & Earthstar chakras, provides us with full spectrum Light energy, can connect us with the realms of Nature spirits or Fairies, helps you see the connection between Humanity and Nature, helps you receive communication from spirit guides and other higher beings (from The Book of Stones by Simmons & Ahsian). Diopside can be black, brown, green, green/blue (as in Chrome Diopside) or white/colorless & provides additional support to the relative chakras.
Lizardite Serpentine helps the Kundalini (your chi or ki energy) rise from the Root Chakra upward to the Crown & beyond, clears clouded areas of the chakras (energy centers), enhances meditation, by conscious direction of this crystal's energy it can help with any disorders of the physical, mental, & emotional bodies (from Love Is In The Earth by Melody). Helps you access the histories of the fairy realm & of all of nature on Earth in any dimension, carries within itself the matrix of evolution for the Earth, unlocks knowledge of the natural world (from The Book of Stones by Simmons & Ahsian). Cleansing & detoxifying for the body & blood (from The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall). Ancient Romans used it for protection against dark arts & sorcery. Ancient Assyrians believed it doubled your blessings from the gods. In the Middle Ages of Europe it increased the power of medicine & made it last longer. To Native Americans it is the guardian of your vital energy & protects your soul against invisible powers.
Pholopite Mica is called the Stone of Life by mystics, helps you intuit the cause & remedy for disorders, increases the flow of energy during healings, connects you to your Higher Self (your spiritual self), brings to you the energies of the Four Directions, Mother Earth, & Father Sky, promotes revolution & evolution, helps you be flexible in your perception, helps you consolidate past, present & future into your conscious living, strengthens channeling, removes blockages to channeling, helps you be consciously aware during channeling, used for back pain, relaxing muscles, eyes, & growths (from Love Is In The Earth by Melody). Phlogopite is a silver, gray, red, brown, yellow, or gold colored Mica, & will help the chakra associated with its color - silver, gray, red, or brown helps the Root Chakra, yellow or gold our Solar Plexus Chakra.
The ancients believed Fossils to been have grown in the Earth from seeds that came from The Stars, and they believed fossils to bear the gift to us of enhancing telepathic communication with the realms of the stars and other worlds, both past and gone ones and those existing now. Fossils are also used to improve business accomplishments, to instill quality and excellence into your experience, to dissolve old programming and be open to new forces that are available to you, and for disorders associated with atrophication, the skeletal system, hands, and feet (from Love Is In The Earth by Melody).
Dolomite balances and aligns energy, removes energy blockages, stops energy leaks in your chakras, helps you have energy, perseverance, spontaneous original thinking, & the power to manifest what you desire, helps build or rebuild the body, oxygenates cells, used for issues with muscle, bone, teeth, nails, skin, blood cells, adrenal glands, urinary system, or genital system (from Love Is In The Earth by Melody). Helps moderate negative emotions or excessive passions, teaches you to act in a loving way toward your own body, regulates metabolism & appetite, promotes self healing, helps you be cheerful when doing mundane tasks or chores, brings humility, patience, constancy, & loyalty, opens your heart, helps you notice the presence of Spirit in each moment & see the magic in everything (from The Book of Stones by Simmons & Ahsian).
Calcite clears & activates all the chakras, amplifies energy & our personal energy field, doubles the intensity of energy directed into it & redirects it outward, releases energy pulses when pressure is applied to the crystal, helps the body to remember its state of perfection during times of disease, helps you recall information from astral travel or channeling, helps us be aware of All That Is & the creative forces of nature, helps with study of arts or sciences, used for issues with kidneys, pancreas, spleen, & balancing calcium levels in the body (from Love Is In The Earth by Melody). Calcites come in many colors & will help chakras associated with each color: Root - black, brown, gray, or red; Sacral - orange; Solar Plexus - yellow; Heart - green or pink; Throat - light blue; 3rd Eye - dark blue; Crown - white, colorless, or purple.