These quotations are the genuine testimony of the effects people  
have received from the "energy of the stone". If you are unfamiliar  
with this type of healing, internet search "Metaphysical properties  
of stones". These testimonials are the reason we use words like  
"Amazing Healite" in product listings.... we are using the same  
descriptions we hear from people using Healite and feeling blessed  
by its healing energy! We are as big of skeptics as anyone, trust  
us. We have doubted metaphysical properties of stones sometimes  
too... we are human. It is this type of skepticism that makes the  
undeniable proof being experienced so much sweeter! It's the basis  
of science - "Prove it to me". Healite is so eager to prove its energy  
to everyone who uses it, many call it The Doubter's Stone because  
it's such a reliable proof to the doubter that stones & crystals do  
have healing energy to offer to us, and we experience it ourselves  
and use it too. But Healite is not a cure-all, and we really mean it  
when we say that you should seek professional medical care if you  
have serious pain.... yet we absolutely do hope that you'll use  
Healite as a tool in your holistic healing of yourself and others.  
Mother Nature has many wonderful natural healing remedies to  
offer mankind. As you use this natural healing tool, keep common  
sense handy, explore all of your healing options, both mainstream  
and holistic, and don't rely only on this one tool. Use these  
testimonials in your toolkit too - they are the honest words of  
people just like you seeking the same healing you may be. Please  
share your own testimonials also, as these people have. If you  
appreciate what you read here, please contribute to it using the  
Testimonial Submission Form link on this website. We will  
always keep your identity confidential. Now we give you - the  
true stories of people who discovered the metaphysical properties  
of Healite firsthand...

"Just to give you some feedback, the other piece that I ordered from  
you came in and just within two days released my sciatic nerve pain  
like you would not believe. I've been collecting crystals since I was a  
youngster and I have all kinds but this one is unbelievable. Thank  
you so much for making these available for us to buy."

"I was working with the healite on a client was crazy.... I was  
using them on a person's back and one of the stones was vibrating at  
such a few frequency it jumped at me and the client could even feel it  
revolving. was nuts. ..that's the second time now!"

"I own a rock shop and I am a healer. I have never experienced such  
a transformational stone as Healite.  This is so exciting and we  
are so blessed to have this "rock magic" in our lives at this time.   
Powerful words but true. Thank you for bringing Healite to the  
world so unselfishly and keeping the price affordable so that more  
people will be pain free!!"  -Jo Peterson, Jack Pine Rock Shop,  
Hayward Wisconsin

"I have pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis daily. I'm on many meds  
for it and have tried the usual complimentary things such as  
copper bracelets and magnets. They offered me no relief. I found  
Healite online claiming to help pain and thought it will be like the  
others, but said "I'll give it a try". I was wrong. Healite is like  
nothing I have tried before it actually works!  I bought a bracelet  
and slept with it on and it's the first time in over a year I woke up  
and didn't have pain in my hand and wrist. Healite is amazing!"  -
anonymous web submission

"I can  attest to it's wonderful properties. I am used to crystals  
working slowly, but the day my order arrived, I had a terrible head  
ache. I opened the package, placed the stone against my temple,  
and actually said 'Oh!" there was a slight tingling, and within  
seconds my headache was gone. I was quite astonished to be  
honest. The same day a friend stopped by after his first tattoo, he  
was in a great deal of pain- it was a large one, up his arm and was  
still raw feeling. I didn't tell him about my experience. I told him  
to hold the stone in his hand.  His face  looked  stunned. He said  
"What is this?" I asked him to describe what he felt. He said "I felt  
a tingling, and then the pain was gone! My God... it is gone!" My  
daughter had the same reaction. She has Chronic Lyme's and is  
always in pain around her joints. The stone worked  wonders for  
her as well. I will be placing another order in a few moments, these  
are truly amazing healing stones."   -A.B.

A.B. is a repeat customer, and has fabulous testimonials for us,  
healing both herself, her daughter, and friends. Many months after  
her first testimonial above, she writes again.... "Your wonderful  
package arrived this evening. I don't know how to thank you  
enough! The necklace gift is marvelous! My daughter  
immediately asked if she could wear it. Of course! I love, love the  
small bottles and Healite box filled to the brim, and the beads as  
well. What glorious blessings they are. I had a nagging head ache  
from my long day and drive home, I had to smile as I placed a  
piece of Healite against my temple, knowing that almost at once,  
it would be gone...and of course it was." -A.B.

And A.B. again..... "My daughter wears an amulet, (beaded) that I  
made for her, daily with your Healite in it. We set it on a Selentite  
slab each evening for cleansing and charging It has helped her  
chronic Lyme's so much. You have no idea what a blessing it has  
been. Doctor's won't touch her, she only meets 24 of the 25 counts  
the CDC states need to be met for Chronic Lyme's. It is political  
quagmire, so most of what we do is holistic, and Healite is at the  
top of our list- it works! You have no idea how much you have  
helped so many. I am being completely honest."

During an after-class round-table discussion on the healing  
benefits of stones and crystals, an attendee of our Chakra Wand  
Workshop at our Healing & Learning Center at Secret Garden  
began telling us about Healite, testifying to its amazing  
properites. He told us how he'd seen Secret Garden mentioned in  
the testimonials, and thought we should be very proud of that!  
Upon telling him that we are the people who make Healite, the  
Healite website, and record the testimonials on it, he eagerly gave  
us this great testimonial face to face... "I watch a lot of YouTube  
to gain information and to learn as much as I can about these  
topics, and watching the computer monitor for so long gives me a  
migraine headache sometimes. I put some Healite pieces in the  
inside brim of my baseball cap, and the headache goes away! It  
really works! I mean it REALLY works!!! It's amazing!"   -David

"It's so nice to hear that you both work with the Healite. I wrote to  
you because I am so pleased with the last set of bottles, they are  
perfect. I have given several as gifts, and we will take the rest to  
our Christmas craft show, it's a benefit for a church. Hope that  
makes you feel good!"  -T.

"Thank you for giving my friend extra Healite and Selenite. She  
shared it with me like she told you she was going to. Since my  
first visit to your shop, I have shared Healite, which I purchased,  
with six friends, all who have reported excellent results! I will  
continue to do that now that I have a new supply."  -J.L.

"I had chronic pain in my ankle for years, from an old injury. I  
started tucking a piece of Healite in my sock in the morning, and  
within minutes, I forget about the pain."  -anonymous

"I bought a piece from the Secret Garden in Jackson, and am  
totally amazed at how it took my neck pain away. I put it in the  
dirt of a house plant once in a while to recharge it, and the lady  
gave me a piece of Selenite to clear it once in a while. If I don't  
have it with me, I sure notice the difference."     -S.T.

"I was vacationing in Las Vegas, and was miserable with back  
pain. Another couple we were with had a piece of Healite in her  
pocket and let me borrow her piece. Within minutes, my pain was  
gone, and I was able to enjoy the trip. (She let me keep the piece).   
I have since ordered more, and am telling all my friends. It is truly  
a remarkable stone."   -C.B.

"I have an old wrist injury, years old, and it would bother me  
nearly every day at work, causing me pain in my work as a carpet  
installer. One day I realized it was not hurting as usual, and  
realized I had inadvertently brought a piece of Healite with me, in  
my jacket pocket. I took it out to show it to my boss and we talked  
about it. Shortly after this event, I had a Healite and Selenite  
bead bracelet made for me and wore it to work every day. Some  
days my wrist would still hurt, but the pain was definitely  
lessened through the wearing of these stones in a bracelet on my  
wrist."   -J

"I had a pulled groin and very successfully relieved the pain of it by  
simply having a piece of Healite in my pocket."  -T

"I and my girlfriend both have experienced pain relief on burns by  
putting a piece of Healite on the burned skin. The pain stops  
literally within seconds. This is definitely the fastest relief we  
have experienced of the pain relieving effects of Healite's  
metaphysical healing energy - treating minor burns for pain relief.  
We both have also experienced pain relief using it on back aches,  
sometimes complete relief, other times only lessens the pain to a  
tolerable amount. When we use medical tape to keep a polished  
stone slab on the painful area, this seems to give the best results.  
It seems like the stone needs to be on the skin for a longer time for  
worse pains, and it seems this may be the cause of incomplete  
relief at times, that we only held it in place for a short time. I have  
also had great success relieving minor headaches, by holding  
Healite on my head, on the area that is throbbing - it takes a few  
minutes holding it there and my headache goes away completely."   

"I truly love the Healite stone. Besides it being beautiful I found  
the healing quality of this stone second to none. I had only held the  
stone for a couple of minutes. I put the stone down and went about  
my normal activities and later realized that i was pain free. I have  
fibromyalgia and frequently have headaches. I tried to remember  
what I did that day and realized that I had held your Healite. I can  
only say that I LOVE this stone and thank you for offering it. I  
ordered the beads so that I could wear one everyday in a bracelet. I  
am studying crystal therapy and am thoroughly enjoying learning  
about all the healing properties of all of the crystals and your has  
made an excellent addition to my healers kit."    -H.

" A friend to whom I'd given a pocket stone of Healite to, reported  
surprising results to me (surprising to her, not to me).... Upon  
giving her the stone & describing its healing properties, she had  
expressed her disbelief. But the friend reported back to me just a  
few days later, that she had been having chronic leg pain, and  
realized the pain gone one day. To her surprise, she discovered  
she'd been carrying the Healite in her pants pocket, and she  
attributes the relief to it."  -Jake

"Healite is amazing, really. I have repeated chronic lower back  
pain, sometimes extending to sciatic nerve pain in my right leg.  
When I'm sitting I tuck a flat piece of Healite between my pants  
waist and my lower back, and within about a half hour, the pain is  
noticeably lessened and tolerable. When I walk around I need to  
tape it there, and if I wear it all day, I experience all day relief!  
Incredible, incredible, incredible! This pain is enough to make it  
nearly impossible to walk some days. These are the days I need &  
rely on my Healite!"  -J

Here are just some of the one-line feedback we've received for  
Healite sold on ebay. Read them closely, there are some quite  
interesting ones:

Very Highly Recommended! AWESOME! Thank you!

Wow it works. It really works. Its not a cure but it reduces pain of  

Thanks so much just what I needed for my father's shoulder.

Very helpful

Amazing A+ stone!

Nice pendant made of healite. I wore this tonight and no  

Amazing stone!! Great for dealing with pain.

Thank You! Amazing... as described.

Very intense healing stone, thank you

Works for me! Hope to order another. Thank you.

Incredible stones!

LOVE.THESE! Thank you. My husband wants to have these.  
Don't know if i can give them  up.

I love these stones. Each has so much character and I am so drawn  
to them. Thank you!

Love both of the stones....thanks!

I can not tell you how much I love this stone. Will be back for  
more. Thank you!

Accurate Description, honest seller- A+++

Exactly as described, very healing :) Thank you!

Amazing stones!!

Attractive, effective. Great price and service.

Love it! Recommended for great benefit! Thank you!

This stone helped me with my fever and splitting headache. It  
arrived just in time!

This is a wonderful stone, I love it! Thank you!

Very highly recommended!

Thank You Very Much! Absolutely Beautiful! Powerful!

This is amazing!!  It DOES make a difference!

Stone is mighty! A+++++++

Wow! EFFECTIVE!! Fantastic!!

Wonderful Stones! Truly amazing!!

AAA++++ is an understatement!

Wow! Very special products!

This stone ROCKS!

An effective pain reliever.

LOVED these! Will definitely purchase more!

Just what i need, thank you!

Unique stone, excellent energy

Very rare and unique

Powerful Stone

Great stone! Better than described!

This is an exquisite stone at a great price!

Excellent Stone, bought as gift but I'm keeping this one!!

I am a Native American Shaman, and I can see and feel this is a  
power healer.

This is an exquisite stone! Seller has great prices and extremely  
fast shipping
These are genuine testimonials from users of Healite